Welgemeend Red Blend 1983

Smells like an old leather belt, tastes better than almost all the wine I’ve ever tasted (a 1987 Delheim Grand Reserve still wins though). I’d give this 20/10 if I hadnt coded myself into a 10/10 fuelled corner.

Rating: 10 / 10

2 Responses to “Welgemeend Red Blend 1983”

  1. Toon says:

    How much would a bottle of welgemeende red blend 1983 be worth?
    I have a bottle of it at home with soms kind of certificaten label on it.
    Kind regards
    Toon Vercauteren

    • matt says:

      Hi Toon,

      I paid R180 for this bottle. Looking at the invoice, it looks like it was part of a two-for-one special though.
      I guess the value of your bottle would depend on how well its been stored.
      I’m not in the business of buying and selling wine though, just drinking it 🙂

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