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Creation Sumac Grenache 2016

The Lion picks off the slowest of the buffalo and in doing so increases the overall speed of the pack. I’ve picked off all the weak spots of my wine collection during lockdown so I feel picky now. Saying that this bottle didn’t do that much for me is like saying that the buffalo that […]

Deetlefs Merlot 2016

Still love this Merlot, but not as much as I remember loving it. Unfortunately my wine tasting isn’t sophisticated enough to include advanced concepts like “remembering what things tasted like” so I’m not sure if this vintage isn’t as good as previous vintages, if my taste buds have changed or if the the wind was […]

Oak Valley Pinot Noir 2013

I’ve got a bit of a love hate relationship with South African Pinot Noir. They’re like a really sophisticated album that all the top music journos go mad for, you know it’s clever and talented but you’re not brave enough to admit that it leaves you feeling a bit dead inside. This one started badly. […]