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Jason’s Hill Chenin Blanc 2019

Jason’s Hill is an awesome winery. Their wine is awesome. The 2016 Chenin is fantastic. Apparently the 2019 was a bit of an experiment. The fact it was part of a special suggests that maybe the experiment wasn’t as successful as hoped. Maybe I’m lashing out because I’m sick of lockdown. Go to Jason’s Hill […]

Oddbins #530

I’m prepared to hold my hands up and admit that if this merlot was given to me in a bottle covered in gold Michelangelo stickers or a label from my favourite winery, I’d probably give it higher marks, but it’s not inspiring me so it gets a 6.

Tokara Chardonnay 2015

I bought this for my wife as she loves an oaky Chardonnay and I remembered this being one (insert joke about wife needing more wood here). A quick sniff promises a lot but there’s a slightly sour acidic aftertaste that lets the side down.

Oddbins #962

My happiness in finding a 5 year old oddbins Bordeaux style blend was quickly doused by the fact that this is pretty ordinary for a 5 year old Bordeaux style blend. It’s by no means bad, but manage expectation (or better still, go with #970).

Dornier Merlot 2015

I’m a vinyl addict. I’ve been buying records for years. At times you walk into a record shop, the guy behind the counter tells you about a tune that you have to have. He plays it on the shop’s state of the art sound system. It sounds amazing. You buy it. You take it home. […]