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Laborie Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Nothing makes a sportsman look better than when he’s not playing for his team when they get a shellacking. Nothing makes the Laborie 2017 Merlot taste better than drinking the Laborie Cab 2017 right after drinking the Laborie Cab / Merlot 2017. It’s not unpleasant but lacks all the softness and subtlety of the blend.

Stonedale Shiraz 2017

Picked this up for a whopping R28 thanks to Pick n Pay’s wine club. Normal retail price is R35, which is probably fair. You don’t get Michelin starred food if you pay Ronald McDonald prices. Let’s leave it at that.

Wine Folk Chardonnay 2014

Another closing time panic buy (see previous entry). A snip at R20, which, even against a Brexit ruined GBP, is cheaper than an English newspaper and less likely to depress you (doesn’t have a crossword though). Slightly tart, but still very drinkable. Wouldn’t pay more than R30 a bottle, but considering that’s 50% more than […]

Orange River Colombard 2015

I’m giving the grapes 10 out of 10 because I know a Northern Cape grape farmer who supplies Colombard to Orange River wineries and he’s a lot bigger than I am. Other than points for being so easy drinking it will probably drink itself for you if you ask, its nothing too remarkable.