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Donatus White 2015

After trying several of these over the years, enjoying them, but not having my hair blown back, I’ve finally kept one a few years and understood what all the fuss is about. Beautiful golden colour (even if it did remind me of a urine sample), and fantastic creamy flavour. Perfect with the big bit of […]

Rijk’s Reserve Pinotage 2014

Giving me wine like this is like introducing Neanderthal man to a microwave before he’s discovered fire. It’s amazing. It does things I can’t fathom and I’m just not capable of explaining how or why. Perfect ten. You could beat me with an empty bottle of this and I’d still love it.

De Wetshof Louis Michel Thibault Merlot 2010

I’m sure this was advertised as a Merlot rather than a Bordeaux style blend, but a quick google suggests otherwise. Predominantly Merlot perhaps? Either way this wine is magic. Expensive magic, but magic none the less. One of those wines that you can’t find a single fault with no matter how hard you try. Shazam.

Lourensford Viognier 2015

Definitely one of my favourite SA white wines. Like Floyd Mayweather compared to Mike Tyson, it might lose in a fight with a more expensive, winemaker’s special project heavyweight uber-wine, but pound for pound (or Rand for Rand in this case), its the greatest.

Spice Route Malabar 2007

So good that when you take your first sip, fireworks go off and Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” starts playing. Not a cheap wine, so I assume Malabar is a ball ache to make (and there’s the fireworks and Berlin’s royalties to consider), but it’s well worth it (the money and being an achy-balled winemaker). 

Lourensford Viognier 2015

Every time I’ve tasted a Lourensford Viognier it’s gone down as “my favourite white wine of the year ™. The only exception I’d make for this one is that’s it my favourite white wine of the year, that isn’t from the Swartland. Smells like a can of Lilt and tastes like all the happy nostalgia […]