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Homemade Wine #1

Imagine a bottle of vinegar having a battle with a bottle of sweetened juice and no one winning, least of all me. Turns out that making good wine is a bit more complex than mixing grape juice and yeast, which is literally all I did. Thank god lockdown ends at the weekend.

Buitenverwachting Meifort 2009

Dont buy 6 year old Buitenverwachting  Meifort from Food Lover’s Market. It’s clearly well past its best. Disappointed that Buitenverwachting allow their wine to be sold when they must’ve known it would taste like a hobo’s urine sample.  This was a new addition to Food Lover’s wine selection so it’s not like it sat there for […]

Montino Pétillant Light

Watching the calories at the moment, hence the soul-destroyingly low frequency of posts of late. If that wasn’t bad enough, the low alcohol, low calorie wine I bought turned out to be a sweet spritzer (no warnings anywhere to be seen). So this gets a 1 because it tricked me, and I’m over the diet.