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Steenberg Semillon 2017

Another day of lockdown, another bottle from the collection drunk before its prime. Although this tasted pretty amazing so either it’s hit it’s peak already, or it’s good enough for my basic tastes. We’ll never know. Here’s to making it through this madness.

Steenberg Echo Red Blend 2013

This is by no means a bad wine, but Steenberg wines aren’t cheap, and even the “entry level” stuff usually has a bit more pizazz than this does. Possibly a point lower than it deserves because of expectation, but you want to be on top you have to be consistent (which is why Spurs never […]

Steenberg Shiraz 2010

Maybe needed more time on the wine rack, maybe there was too much cayenne pepper in the mild chicken curry I had with it, either way, didn’t quite hit the mark. Soft and smooth, but then so is Michael Bolton’s voice, and I dont feel the desire to experience that if I can avoid it. […]

Steenberg Semillon 2010

This is a bit like judging a contest involving a family member as I love Semillon, and Steenberg is my local winery (not sure about this analogy, and if the family member was my brother, I’d vote for the other guy, which further ruins it). Anyway, if you like Semillon, buy this one.