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Spice Route Grenache 2015

Struggling with a cold at the moment so my taste buds aren’t on top form, but this was still warm and comforting. Sadly I’m busy watching Spurs get smashed in the champions league semi final so the comfort is a distant memory.

Spice Route Chenin Blanc 2016

Fairly non-eventful on sipping some fresh out of the fridge. Letting it get a degree or two warmer and pairing it with some fish is like Paul Bearer’s urn to the Undertaker in a Wrestlemania main event, as it suddenly it jumps into life. Fortunately no tombstone piledrivers were administered during the course of this […]

Spice Route Malabar 2007

So good that when you take your first sip, fireworks go off and Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” starts playing. Not a cheap wine, so I assume Malabar is a ball ache to make (and there’s the fireworks and Berlin’s royalties to consider), but it’s well worth it (the money and being an achy-balled winemaker). 

Spice Route Grenache 2012

Feeling a bit tender thanks to getting a bit over excited with the red wine  last night so had to reach for something special and this didn’t disappoint. Rich Christmas spice flavours. Almost port like but without the sweetness. Highly recommended for getting back on the bike after a heavy fall. 

Spice Route Viognier 2014

This wine is the polar opposite of Donald Trump. Gentle, middle of the road, soft and doesn’t wear a ridiculous wig. Unlike Trump it could benefit from being a bit more outspoken.  Too inoffensive to get a high score but at least it won’t build a wall around anything. 

Spice Route Pinotage 2013

Spice Route Pinotage is fast becoming my favourite Pinotage. So much so that it tempts me to start waxing lyrical about soft palettes and delicately balanced tannins. Save me the embarrassment, take my word for it and buy some.