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Rijk’s Reserve Pinotage 2014

Giving me wine like this is like introducing Neanderthal man to a microwave before he’s discovered fire. It’s amazing. It does things I can’t fathom and I’m just not capable of explaining how or why. Perfect ten. You could beat me with an empty bottle of this and I’d still love it.

Rijk’s Touch of Oak Chenin Blanc 2015

This wine is like a stiff jab. It won’t knock you over like the full-bodied hook of a wooded Chardonnay, but it will leave you with a lot more to think about than the air punch of a Sauv Blanc. Excuse the boxing analogies, I’ve just started learning the gentleman’s sport. Probably shouldn’t drink Chenin […]

Rijk’s Touch of Oak Shiraz 2012

This is a serious wine. It doesn’t have time for flippant paragraphs by wine novices who cover their lack of wine chops with attempts at humour. It looked me straight in the eye and I blinked first. I’ll resist the temptation to blurt out a bunch of pretentious platitudes about bouquet, nose and finish though. 

Rijk’s Pinotage 2011

Had this with a turducken. Turduckens are such awesome inventions that I could’ve had a glass of meths with it and still been satisfied, but this, possibly, topped the food. Deeper, smoother and more seductive than Barry White smeared in butter and reading poetry at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Rijk’s Touch of Oak Pinotage 2013

Rijk’s is amazing. Don’t visit South Africa without going there. You can google for pictures of table mountain. Stellenbosch is full of students. Skip it all, drive to Tulbagh and visit Rijk’s. What’s frightening is that this is their “easy drinking” Pinotage. They have a better one. And it’s a Shiraz region. Apparently this is […]

Rijk’s Bravado 2002

Scored one of the last few bottles of this while visiting the winery (although I bet that’s what they tell everyone). Smooth and easy to drink but with a bold edge. A liquid version of James Bond, just less likely to run off with your missus (although mine has disappeared with the bottle). 

Rijks Shiraz 2010

Be warned, I have yet to meet anyone who has been to the Rijks wine farm and not ended up buying far more wine than they intended. It really is that good, and this possibly the cream of the crop. Soft but spicey. Strong but smooth. Well balanced but likely to leave you badly balanced […]