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Rhebokskloof The MGS 2015

Served this with rump and picanha steak. The steak had a beautiful dry rub that was augmented with bits of crumbled cement that got knocked off the ceiling of the braai, while I was flipping the steaks. The wine also just got that little bit more rarer thanks to my first born knocking his mum’s […]

Rhebokskloof Chardonnay 2016

Like drinking liquid gold, but without the excruciating pain that drinking molten gold would entail. I’m not sure liquid gold tastes of citrus and nuts either. I’m also fairly sure I’d dance better after a bottle of this than with 750ml of slowly solidifying gold settling in my stomach. Like drinking a very nice Chardonnay…

Rhebokskloof Black Marble Hill Shiraz 2010 

Big boy wine. Looked a fiery curry straight in the eye and took it on single handed. Showed its sophisticated friendly side on its own afterwards. Venture past Stellenbosch to this Wellington beauty (booty?) and you won’t be disappointed. This is their flagship offering, but all their wines are worth a look.