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Raka Biography Shiraz 2015

Smells like a big boy wine. More gold on its chest than a 1970s pimp. Lovely soft tannins. Something missing for me though. Michel Angelo knows more than me (as do the other three turtles), so best to ignore me and listen to him and his gold medals.

Raka Sangiovese 2012

Light and breezy. Slightly peppery. Went nicely with a roast chicken dinner. The only other winery I’m aware of that make a Sangiovese is Fairview and I’m pretty sure that although theirs is beautiful, it’s pricey. This is a decent, affordable alternative.

Raka Rose 2104

I only have vague booze-fueled recollections of last weekend in Stanford, but I’m sure one of them was that this Rose is made of Cab and Shiraz grapes. It would certainly explain the beautiful bold flavour, and makes me feel minorly more manly (try saying that three times fast during a boozy weekend in Stanford) […]

Raka Mourvèdre 2011

Soft, inviting, rich and spicy. Could imagine this going really well with a curry or a slab of steak. I’m having it with football on the tv and a backlog of work waiting for me, but it’s still good.

Raka Pinotage 2011

Soft, gentle and supple like an animal loving gymnast wrapped in velvet. This was a gift from a friend so I have no idea if its good value (the friend is), but it tastes great.