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Oddbins #111

As things stand, this is the Cleveland Browns of Oddbins. 1-1-1. As things taste, it’s a lot better than the football coming out of Cleveland. Crisp and fruity. Yet another example of the versatility of South African Chenin unlike the surprise Browns win at the weekend.

Oddbins #530

I’m prepared to hold my hands up and admit that if this merlot was given to me in a bottle covered in gold Michelangelo stickers or a label from my favourite winery, I’d probably give it higher marks, but it’s not inspiring me so it gets a 6.

Oddbins #116

Best Oddbins white wine to date. Beautiful balance of fruit and acidity. Some people get their kid’s birth dates tattooed on their bodies, I’m considering getting my favourite oddbins numbers including this one.

Oddbins #962

My happiness in finding a 5 year old oddbins Bordeaux style blend was quickly doused by the fact that this is pretty ordinary for a 5 year old Bordeaux style blend. It’s by no means bad, but manage expectation (or better still, go with #970).

Oddbins #970 

All the Bordeaux grapes thrown into a mystery package from Paarl. By far the best Oddbins wine I’ve tasted. All Oddbins wine is worth the cost, but this is an absolute steal. If you have trouble remembering the number 970, it was India’s first innings score against England in the recent massacre of the 5th […]

Oddbins #954 Red Blend 2014

This wine is a blend of Pinotage, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Mourvèdre and Viognier. I drank it with a wild mushroom and cauliflower rice risotto and roasted root vegetables. No really. Right now I couldn’t be more middle class if I was quoting 18th century poetry wearing boat shoes and driving a Volvo. This wine goes […]

Oddbins Unwooded Chardonnay 2016 #333

My understanding of the Oddbins range is that they get barrels of wine that wineries don’t want for some reason and roll it out in no frills labelled bottles. Some of them have tasted like something a winery would want to disown, like an Arsenal supporting son, others are either the result of a surplus […]

Oddbins #322 Unwooded Chardonnay 

As per the label, very fresh and limey (a bit like me minus the fresh, ba boom tish). The big gamble for me with assessing Oddbins wines is I may have drunk the same wine already and given a contary opinion, but I’m liking this one enough to stick my neck out and say you […]