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Lourensford Dome Pinot Noir 2017

Chilled this ready to drink with my Sunday roast chicken but not too confident it’s going to last long enough to go with dinner. Going perfectly with a warm sunny autumn day. Light and delicate but with enough bite to ensure you don’t just drink it and forget about it.

Lourensford Viognier 2015

Definitely one of my favourite SA white wines. Like Floyd Mayweather compared to Mike Tyson, it might lose in a fight with a more expensive, winemaker’s special project heavyweight uber-wine, but pound for pound (or Rand for Rand in this case), its the greatest.

Lourensford Shiraz 2014

"Have you got me a Father's Day present yet Jack?" <lengthy pause and then pretending we're onto a different subject> "Er… so what do you like Dad?" "I like wine Jack" <runs to Mum and whispers "let's buy him wine" very loudly> <Mum whispers "find out what wine he likes"> "Er… so Dad, what kind […]

Lourensford Viognier 2015

Every time I’ve tasted a Lourensford Viognier it’s gone down as “my favourite white wine of the year ™. The only exception I’d make for this one is that’s it my favourite white wine of the year, that isn’t from the Swartland. Smells like a can of Lilt and tastes like all the happy nostalgia […]