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Leipzig Master Blend 2013

If you are ever fortunate enough to be in Worcester, pay a visit to the Nuy Valley region, and Leipzig in particular. The wine there is as tasty as it is well-priced, and this Cab/Merlot/Pinotage blend is the best of it. Beautifully balanced, agreeably affordable and, in the spirit of alliteration, tremendously tasty.

Leipzig Shiraz 2013

Like a female assassin in a James Bond  movie, this wine is silky soft and delicate, but it can rough it up with the big boys (in this case, a pork curry rather than Sean Connery). It’s also a good deal more affordable than any woman who’s ever appeared in Bond movie, which makes it […]

Leipzig Viognier 2014

All the perfume aroma of a teenage girl who’s just had a fag behind the bike sheds and better taste than her Burberry-clad boyfriend. One thing they all have in common, cheap! Bought a case. Should’ve bought two.