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Lanzerac Syrah 2015

One of those wines that tastes pretty awesome when you take the first sip, and after a mouthful of dinner and a second sip, blows your hair back. For best results, drink in front of the TV with your family after a shitty day.

Lanzerac Merlot 2014

This wine is best served with anything other than a Friday where you had a major coding error pointed out to you at 6pm. That said, if you end up in this scenario, this soft but bold beauty of a Merlot will help you to be bold and beautiful too. If you find a South […]

Lanzerac Pinotage 2014

Had this with some mildly spiced chicken because I laugh in the face of conformity (and because I didn’t have any white wine chilled). Soft but able to stand up to some mild spicy antagonism without losing any of its berry and plum flavours (ok so I read that bit off the label).

Lanzerac Pinotage 2013

This wine has a warm nostalgic feel to it. I don't know if it's the classical label and a healthy dose of power of suggestion, but it reminds me of football in the park, panini sticker books and my Grandpa's pipe. A bygone era where men were men, I was still average at football and […]

Lanzerac Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

I work in the tech industry so my general preference is for things that are new modern and shiny. When it comes to wine I’m the opposite. You can keep your new age modern art and primary colours, give me a bottle with a classical font and a shield on it any time. Even better […]

Lanzerac Rosé 2016

Being a strong Rosé is a bit like being the toughest looking member of the village people. You might look a bit edgy relative to your peers, but you’re still stood next to a grown man dressed up as a cowboy. That said, this blend of Cab Sauv, Shiraz and Malbec is a veritable construction […]