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Fairview Barbara 2011

This wasn’t as immaculate as I remember it, but I did have it with braai vleis after a few beers, which probably wrecked all the subtlety. So in conclusion, I’m and idiot, and I need to try another bottle of this pronto.

Fairview “Pegleg” Carignan 2009

Fairview must be bored of producing amazing cheese and fantastic wines involving grapes that people have heard of. I have nothing to compare this too so who knows if it’s a “good” Carignan, but it’s certainly an agreeable wine and it’s going nicely with the spicey fish.

Fairview Durif 2010

This is the first time I’ve tried Durif. Tastes a lot like Shiraz to me, but in this case, really good, like licking oak panels good (not that I’m in the habit of licking oak panels). Lots of spice too.

La Capra Merlot 2011

Like an essex version of Cleopatra, this has a great nose for something so cheap and easy. Let down a bit by the taste, but once I tucked into my sushi, the wasabi really bought out the flavour and took the edge off. This is Fairviews cheapo range, but, as with most quality wineries entry-level […]