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Eagle’s Nest Viognier 2017

Not sure if it’s harder to say “Viognier” without sounding like a twat or assess it without sounding like a twat. How do you describe a wine that smells of perfume in a down to earth way? Let’s just leave it at: this is young for a Viognier, will taste even better in a few […]

Eagles Nest Viognier 2015

This is a lovely wine, but, like Kate Moss’s best mate, its never going to outshine the company it’s in. The Lourensford 2015 Viognier was the Kate Moss of this story. Don’t ever turn a bottle of this down, but if a supermodel is in the same room, at least try and get her phone […]

Eagle’s Nest Merlot 2011

Imagine a new friend invites you to a party at their house. You don’t know them well. You GPS to their house. There’s a couple of Ferraris in the drive. You’re driving a Fiat Uno. That “I’m punching above my weight” feeling is the same feeling you’ll get when you smell this wine. Tasting it […]

Eagle’s Nest Verreaux 2009

I assumed this was a Shiraz-based blend as Eagle’s Nest are legendary Shiraz makers, but a quick Google tells me that it’s actually a Bordeaux style blend (4 of the 5 with only Malbec missing). Something Shiraz based may have stood up to curry I was eating a bit more, but this was still heavy […]

Eagle’s Nest Shiraz 2009

Years ago, I ended up at my parents after a London Transport strike. My old man opened a bottle of amazing wine that he’d saved to drink with his Dad on a special occasion. The occasion was never special enough, he kept holding it back and eventually my grandfather passed away. There and then he […]

Eagles Nest Merlot 2009

When South African Merlots are bad, they’re about as memorable as that guy who’s name I forget, but when they’re good, they’re like this one. As deep, smooth and rolling as a Calibre drop, better smelling than the sweaty raver enjoying said drop next to you, and just as complex as this raving/wine analogy.

The Little Eagle Rose 2013

I struggle with Rose. The dry ones taste great, but, as the man in the Windhoek ads says, “we don’t drink pink drinks”. Masculinity issues aside, this is a fantastic rose. Inviting smell, warm flavour, crisp finish. Went perfectly with the fish bake.

Eagles Nest Viognier 2010

Hard to not to descend into poncey wine-speak when describing a wine this good. Beautifully balanced on its own. Slight acidity that stays in the mouth, instead of making you reach for the Rennies as its burns through your chest. Even held its own with a particularly hot curry.