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Donatus White 2015

After trying several of these over the years, enjoying them, but not having my hair blown back, I’ve finally kept one a few years and understood what all the fuss is about. Beautiful golden colour (even if it did remind me of a urine sample), and fantastic creamy flavour. Perfect with the big bit of […]

Dornier Siren Syrah 2016

This wine is so good, and rich and smooth that it makes me wish I knew more words for good and rich and smooth. Amazing, wealthy and velvety? Incredible, has a few quid to burn and waxed? Astounding, so loaded it can afford Shiraz even when it’s called Syrah and like a sheet of ice? […]

Dornier Malbec 2015

This is a great Malbec but full disclosure, I may be slightly compromised. By “slightly compromised”, I mean, “I’m a member of Dornier’s amazing wine club and as a result have recently enjoyed a cellar tasting with the head wine maker, four course wine and food pairing and a free case of wine (as have […]

Dornier Pinotage 2015

The beautiful soft tannins of this wine are even further enhanced by the fact I was invited an amazing wine and food pairing event at Dornier two weeks ago. The fact my sons have lost my copy of FIFA 18 may cause me to open a second bottle.

Dornier Chenin Blanc Bush Vine 2015

Not as enthused about this as I initially was, but this may be due to how much of it I’ve consumed. Smells fresh like the sea, and when served not too cold, full of peach and pear flavours. This makes me sound very refined, but the only reason I know this is that I couldn’t […]