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Delheim Pinotage 2014

Just like the Neuralyzer in Men in Black (yes I did have to google that), this wine is light, bright and enjoyable, but not particularly memorable. The kind of charming well spoken wine you take home to meet your parents, while secretly wishing you were with the loose Shiraz. 

Delheim Pinotage Rose 2016

Worth a go if you want something novel as Pinotage Roses are fairly rare (as far as I know), but my problem with this, and the various Shiraz Roses I’ve encountered, is that they’re a bit heavier than your average Rose. Once you’ve bitten the bullet, suppressed your testosterone and established that none of your […]

Delheim Family Blend 2011

Merlot / Cab Franc blend. Easily a 9 or a 10 on value. Haven’t been to Delheim for a while so not sure if this is overstock from a few years ago, or if the good people at Delheim are in a generous mood either way it’s a bargain. Rich cherry flavour with a slightly […]

Delheim Vera Cruz Shiraz 2005

Think I stored this badly because the cork disintegrated and it had a sharp sting up front. This revalation points to three conclusions: 1. I’m a donut for not taking better care of this princess, 2. I need a proper wine cellar, 3. This wine must be incredible when properly looked after because it still […]