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Deetlefs Pinotage 2016

My wife and I used to go to the Stellenbosch wine and cheese festival religiously. One year we ended up with a bottle of Deetlefs Pinotage in the selection we found at home when we woke up the morning afterwards. We loved it then, still love it now and drop by the wine farm whenever […]

Deetlefs Merlot 2016

Still love this Merlot, but not as much as I remember loving it. Unfortunately my wine tasting isn’t sophisticated enough to include advanced concepts like “remembering what things tasted like” so I’m not sure if this vintage isn’t as good as previous vintages, if my taste buds have changed or if the the wind was […]

Deetlefs De Hageveld 2012

Predominantly Semillon with a dash of Sauv Blanc and Chardonnay. I’m going to put my non-existent reputation on the line and say that I taste apricots. Not sure how that helps anyone, unless you love wine that tastes of apricot, but it’s so rare that I can discern a flavour unprompted (thanks for the complete […]

Deetlefs Pinotage 2013

There are fancier wineries than Deetlefs, and for every varietal they do, I’m sure someone does a better one, but there’s something I love about the place, and the Merlot and the Pinotage in particular. Soft and fruity with a bit more guts than your average Pinotage. Highly recommended, a personal favourite.