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Cederberg Shiraz 2011

This wine is best enjoyed with as few people as possible. Sadly I made the mistake of sharing it with far too many (good people though they were). Rich and velvety like a millionaires pocket lining. 

Cedarberg Chenin Blanc 2013

There is a lot of Chenin Blanc in South Africa. Tons of the stuff. It means it’s fairly cheap, but quantity doesn’t always equate to quality. Luckily it does in the Cedarberg. This is so perfectly balanced it’s the complete opposite of me now I’m three quarters of a bottle down. 

Cedarberg Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Pretty much every decent Sauv Blanc I’ve tasted suggests you pair it with goats cheese, so I had this with a goats cheese tart. Not sure if that helped, but it tasted amazing. Lots of typical sauv blanc flavours with none of the typical sauv blanc heart burn. Fantastic winery (hire a cottage and stay […]