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Blaauwklippen Zinfandel 2010

This wine is so good that drinking it feels like you’re licking it off the inside of an oak barrel. I’m no expert so this may or may not be a good thing, but it works for me (despite faint aromas of marzipan, and I hate marzipan). It gets better with every mouthful. If someone […]

Blaauwklippen Malbec 2011

The flip side of the “I’m an idiot for having the subtle and delicate Fairview Barbera with manly braai vleis after a few beers” debacle was that this big bodied bad boy of a wine had its moment in the sun (or braai smoke). Stand it up to strong meats and watch it fly. Fantastic.

Blaauwklippen Shiraz 2006

I’m sure this tasted way better in the tasting room, but didn’t live up to my high expectations, so I was left with that same feeling of unfulfillment, emptyness and disappointment my ex-girlfriends complained of. Still enjoyable, just never going to get taken home to Mother.