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Saronsberg Viognier 2017

Saronsberg are known for their Shiraz, but they don’t half make a mean Viognier as well. Doesn’t have the floral smell that the Lourensford Viognier brings, but with the benefit of a bit of aging, this wine is mellow and fun to be around. I was going to say “like me”, but I’m temporarily drinking […]

Eagle’s Nest Viognier 2017

Not sure if it’s harder to say “Viognier” without sounding like a twat or assess it without sounding like a twat. How do you describe a wine that smells of perfume in a down to earth way? Let’s just leave it at: this is young for a Viognier, will taste even better in a few […]

Lourensford Viognier 2015

Definitely one of my favourite SA white wines. Like Floyd Mayweather compared to Mike Tyson, it might lose in a fight with a more expensive, winemaker’s special project heavyweight uber-wine, but pound for pound (or Rand for Rand in this case), its the greatest.

Eagles Nest Viognier 2015

This is a lovely wine, but, like Kate Moss’s best mate, its never going to outshine the company it’s in. The Lourensford 2015 Viognier was the Kate Moss of this story. Don’t ever turn a bottle of this down, but if a supermodel is in the same room, at least try and get her phone […]

Lourensford Viognier 2015

Every time I’ve tasted a Lourensford Viognier it’s gone down as “my favourite white wine of the year ™. The only exception I’d make for this one is that’s it my favourite white wine of the year, that isn’t from the Swartland. Smells like a can of Lilt and tastes like all the happy nostalgia […]

Arendsig Viognier 1000 Vines 2015

I love a Viognier at the best of times, and this one came about as a result of the best of times. Spent an awesome day at Arendsig eating, drinking and touring the cellars. Subtle compared to other Viognier I’ve tasted and good for it. Visit the winery. Get some of this. 

Spice Route Viognier 2014

This wine is the polar opposite of Donald Trump. Gentle, middle of the road, soft and doesn’t wear a ridiculous wig. Unlike Trump it could benefit from being a bit more outspoken.  Too inoffensive to get a high score but at least it won’t build a wall around anything. 

Leipzig Viognier 2014

All the perfume aroma of a teenage girl who’s just had a fag behind the bike sheds and better taste than her Burberry-clad boyfriend. One thing they all have in common, cheap! Bought a case. Should’ve bought two.