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Lanzerac Syrah 2015

One of those wines that tastes pretty awesome when you take the first sip, and after a mouthful of dinner and a second sip, blows your hair back. For best results, drink in front of the TV with your family after a shitty day.

Gabriëlskloof Syrah on Shale 2015

The classic “calling it Syrah instead of Shiraz” / wax sealed cork combo that makes your bank manager wince. Fortunately my memories of the going to the wine farm involve an awesome wedding and getting slowly smashed with my parents so my scorched wallet is long forgotten. This is also a damn good wine.

Gabriëlskloof Swartrivier Shiraz 2013

The first time I went to Gabriëlskloof it was for an awesome wedding. The second time it resulted in an extended tasting followed by an even more extended boozy lunch. Safe to say the wine makes me as happy as the memories. This is beautiful.

Dornier Siren Syrah 2016

This wine is so good, and rich and smooth that it makes me wish I knew more words for good and rich and smooth. Amazing, wealthy and velvety? Incredible, has a few quid to burn and waxed? Astounding, so loaded it can afford Shiraz even when it’s called Syrah and like a sheet of ice? […]

Raka Biography Shiraz 2015

Smells like a big boy wine. More gold on its chest than a 1970s pimp. Lovely soft tannins. Something missing for me though. Michel Angelo knows more than me (as do the other three turtles), so best to ignore me and listen to him and his gold medals.

Stonedale Shiraz 2017

Picked this up for a whopping R28 thanks to Pick n Pay’s wine club. Normal retail price is R35, which is probably fair. You don’t get Michelin starred food if you pay Ronald McDonald prices. Let’s leave it at that.

Paarden Kloof The Long Road Shiraz 2009

My wife and I stopped at Paarden Kloof for lunch on the way back from Hermanus last year. Much though I love my kids, lunch was vastly improved by them not being with us, and even more so when I saw they were selling bottle of 2009 Shiraz for a reasonable price. There’s a faint […]