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Lanzerac Rosé 2016

Being a strong Rosé is a bit like being the toughest looking member of the village people. You might look a bit edgy relative to your peers, but you’re still stood next to a grown man dressed up as a cowboy. That said, this blend of Cab Sauv, Shiraz and Malbec is a veritable construction […]

Delheim Pinotage Rose 2016

Worth a go if you want something novel as Pinotage Roses are fairly rare (as far as I know), but my problem with this, and the various Shiraz Roses I’ve encountered, is that they’re a bit heavier than your average Rose. Once you’ve bitten the bullet, suppressed your testosterone and established that none of your […]

Saffronne Rose 2015

Drinking good Rosé is a bit like driving a pink Ferrarri. It’s classy, it’s slick and it performs the same as a red one, but you still wouldn’t want your mates to see you with it. That said, if you can quell your testosterone levels enough to drink a glass, this Swartland beauty is as […]

Raka Rose 2104

I only have vague booze-fueled recollections of last weekend in Stanford, but I’m sure one of them was that this Rose is made of Cab and Shiraz grapes. It would certainly explain the beautiful bold flavour, and makes me feel minorly more manly (try saying that three times fast during a boozy weekend in Stanford) […]

The Little Eagle Rose 2013

I struggle with Rose. The dry ones taste great, but, as the man in the Windhoek ads says, “we don’t drink pink drinks”. Masculinity issues aside, this is a fantastic rose. Inviting smell, warm flavour, crisp finish. Went perfectly with the fish bake.