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Dornier Pirates of Cocoa Hill 2015

My youngest brother warned me off Pirates after having the misfortune of sitting through the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie. Fortunately this is a long running pirate saga that’s as good as ever (and costs a good deal less). Still don’t know what grapes go into it, but it’s a great entry level easy […]

Steenberg Echo Red Blend 2013

This is by no means a bad wine, but Steenberg wines aren’t cheap, and even the “entry level” stuff usually has a bit more pizazz than this does. Possibly a point lower than it deserves because of expectation, but you want to be on top you have to be consistent (which is why Spurs never […]

Somerbosch Kylix 2010

Somerbosch is an incredibly well priced winery, even more so because it’s on the border of Stellenbosch. This is their flagship wine. Can’t remember what’s in it. I have a vague memory of it being a Bordeaux style blend. Saw in 2017 with a magnum of this, good friends and a potjie that I cooked […]

Rijk’s Bravado 2002

Scored one of the last few bottles of this while visiting the winery (although I bet that’s what they tell everyone). Smooth and easy to drink but with a bold edge. A liquid version of James Bond, just less likely to run off with your missus (although mine has disappeared with the bottle).