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Deetlefs Merlot 2016

Still love this Merlot, but not as much as I remember loving it. Unfortunately my wine tasting isn’t sophisticated enough to include advanced concepts like “remembering what things tasted like” so I’m not sure if this vintage isn’t as good as previous vintages, if my taste buds have changed or if the the wind was […]

Groot Constantia Merlot 2015

It’s apt that on a day I feel out of my depth at work, I drink a wine that also makes me feel like I’m punching above my weight. It’s soft, delicate and far too sophisticated for my self-pitying, imposter syndrome-laden palette. Drank this with spicy mince stuffed peppers and a healthy side of self-doubt.

Lanzerac Merlot 2014

This wine is best served with anything other than a Friday where you had a major coding error pointed out to you at 6pm. That said, if you end up in this scenario, this soft but bold beauty of a Merlot will help you to be bold and beautiful too. If you find a South […]

De Wetshof Louis Michel Thibault Merlot 2010

I’m sure this was advertised as a Merlot rather than a Bordeaux style blend, but a quick google suggests otherwise. Predominantly Merlot perhaps? Either way this wine is magic. Expensive magic, but magic none the less. One of those wines that you can’t find a single fault with no matter how hard you try. Shazam.

Oddbins #530

I’m prepared to hold my hands up and admit that if this merlot was given to me in a bottle covered in gold Michelangelo stickers or a label from my favourite winery, I’d probably give it higher marks, but it’s not inspiring me so it gets a 6.

Boschendal Merlot 2016

Asking me to judge a Merlot is like asking me to find an Arsenal fan I’d like to be friends with. Apart from a few absolute crackers, I’ve found few and far between that I want to spend time with. That said, this one is fairly tolerable as long as I don’t play it my […]