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Dornier Malbec 2015

This is a great Malbec but full disclosure, I may be slightly compromised. By “slightly compromised”, I mean, “I’m a member of Dornier’s amazing wine club and as a result have recently enjoyed a cellar tasting with the head wine maker, four course wine and food pairing and a free case of wine (as have […]

Lakehurst Malbec 2014

I got this as part of a bargain pack of mine. First impressions were that it was definitely there to offset the quality wines and keep the cost down. Second impression is that it’s not that bad, especially with a spot of spicy food, but it’s still got that lingering hint of a vicious hangover […]

Neethlingshof Malbec 2014

This your unsung hero. The box to box midfielder who rarely scores but is the launchpad for all the good things that happen. The medium paced trundler who bowls a twenty over shift while you’re waiting for the new ball and the mate who’s always the wingman. Solid, reliable, won’t let you down. 

Blaauwklippen Malbec 2011

The flip side of the “I’m an idiot for having the subtle and delicate Fairview Barbera with manly braai vleis after a few beers” debacle was that this big bodied bad boy of a wine had its moment in the sun (or braai smoke). Stand it up to strong meats and watch it fly. Fantastic.

Dornier Malbec 2013

Another year, another Dornier Malbec. According to my wife there’s an Afrikaans word that sounds like “frank” that describes this wine. I think “frank” is just as apt though. This wine isn’t going to sugar coat anything, it’s upfront and honest with just enough softness that it’s not a complete dick.

Neethlingshof Malbec 2010

Like Mike Tyson bowling long hops, this is tough and strong with a soft delivery. To get the absolute best out of it, it probably needs to paired with some strong meat (Holyfield’s ear maybe?), but you can go toe to toe if you’re feeling strong.

Dornier Malbec 2012

Drank this with roast chicken, blue cheese stuffed gem squash and, more importantly, Argentina vs Bosnia in the world cup. Smell and colour are inviting, taste is good, but could be better (like Argentina’s performance against Bosnia).