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De Wetshof “The Site” Chardonnay 2015

Never judge a book by its cover. Walked into this winery a few years back with my kids and friends. The guy serving the wine said we “might be more comfortable outside”. Usually this means “we’d be more comfortable if you were all outside”. He appeared outside shortly afterwards, took us through the amazing wines […]

Rhebokskloof Chardonnay 2016

Like drinking liquid gold, but without the excruciating pain that drinking molten gold would entail. I’m not sure liquid gold tastes of citrus and nuts either. I’m also fairly sure I’d dance better after a bottle of this than with 750ml of slowly solidifying gold settling in my stomach. Like drinking a very nice Chardonnay…

Tokara Chardonnay 2015

I bought this for my wife as she loves an oaky Chardonnay and I remembered this being one (insert joke about wife needing more wood here). A quick sniff promises a lot but there’s a slightly sour acidic aftertaste that lets the side down.

La Motte Chardonnay 2015

Still as good as ever. Sharper edges than your average South African Chardonnay (and the England bowling attack that are currently being flayed by the West Indies). Leaves your mouth feeling like you just face planted into a sand dune, but in a… er… good way. Only gets an 8 this time, but bear in […]

Wine Folk Chardonnay 2014

Another closing time panic buy (see previous entry). A snip at R20, which, even against a Brexit ruined GBP, is cheaper than an English newspaper and less likely to depress you (doesn’t have a crossword though). Slightly tart, but still very drinkable. Wouldn’t pay more than R30 a bottle, but considering that’s 50% more than […]