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Diemersdal Private Collection 2015

Bordeaux style blend utilising all five grapes, which if certain members of my family paid more attention to my drunken ramblings, they’d have been able to name in the family Zoom quiz. Softer than my head after my covid-19 haircut and unlike receiving WhatsApp messages telling me what my kids school work is for Monday, […]

Buitenverwachting Meifort 2017

Is it pronounced Moe Fort or May Fort? Which of the Bordeaux grapes go into this blend? Did the winemaker sell his soul at the crossroads in order to make a phenomenal wine at an incredibly generous price? I can’t answer any of those questions, but I can tell you that this is probably the […]

Delaire Graff Botmaskop 2013

This wine is beautiful. The wine farm is one of the most scenic I’ve been to, and there’s some strong competition in that regard around these parts. However, the wine farm has more art than you’ll see outside of a gallery, a dedicated diamond store, and the restaurant made us feel like tramps for skipping […]

Wildekrans Cabernet Franc/Merlot 2012

The wife picked this up at a discount from Pick & Pay. Not visited the winery before, but considering this has been in the corner of a supermarket wine shelf for years, it’s doing well for itself. Not a single rough edge or hint of nastiness. A wine that you take home to meet your […]

Saronsberg Seismic Rooi 2014

Shiraz masters Saronsberg’s storm into the market (a few years ago, but I only just caught up) with an award winning, all five grapes, Cab strong Bordeaux style blend. Smooth and stylish but lacking the kind of X Factor that creases Simon Cowell’s Botox and fattens his wallet.

Oddbins #962

My happiness in finding a 5 year old oddbins Bordeaux style blend was quickly doused by the fact that this is pretty ordinary for a 5 year old Bordeaux style blend. It’s by no means bad, but manage expectation (or better still, go with #970).

Simonsig Tiara 2009

A Bordeaux full house with all 5 grapes working together like Spurs in their demolition of Arsenal yesterday. Just like the mighty Tottenham, there’s no chance of a local upstart topping this amazing wine. Maximum points. Buy some and guard it with a greater level of desperation than the Gooners back line managed.