Creation Cool Climate Chenin Blanc 2018

Cool climate isn’t wrong. Tastes like a sea breeze, which goes nicely with today, which happens to be a warm sunny one in amongst some pretty icy weather. Even better I can remember the day I bought this. I went on an epic tasting mission with my parents. Looking forward to an end to COVID […]

Simonsig GSM 2018

They would’ve gone with MSG but Monosodium glutamate cornered the market. Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvèdre singing together in harmony. Works at room temperature or slightly chilled. I got two cases of this just after lockdown so I’ll forever associate it with freedom (if you can call being able to exercise for an hour in the morning […]

Creation Sumac Grenache 2016

The Lion picks off the slowest of the buffalo and in doing so increases the overall speed of the pack. I’ve picked off all the weak spots of my wine collection during lockdown so I feel picky now. Saying that this bottle didn’t do that much for me is like saying that the buffalo that […]